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reSCADA is an application built on and relies on OPC Systems.NET. To use all the features of reSCADA the following licences from Open Automation Software are required; OPC Windows HMI.NET, OPC Trend.NET, OPC Alarm.NET, OPC Database.NET and OPC Report.NET. Service and warranties from Kinetic Automation Pty Ltd extend to reSCADA only. Warranty for OPC Systems.NET and KepwareEX products are the responsibility of the respected vendors.

reSCADA is a licensed product and all copyright owned by Kinetic Automation Pty Ltd.

Activation of reSCADA from Kinetic Automation Pty Ltd, OPC Systems.NET from Open Automation Software and KepwareEX from Kepware. Please allow up to 48hrs to receive payments, place orders, request licenses codes  and forward unlock codes to you.

© Copyright 2012 reSCADA by Kinetic Automation Pty Ltd All Rights Reserved  |  ACN: 088 216 120