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Kepware OPC Server


Kepware offers a wide range of device connectivity to OPC Clients. It is the perfect complement to any OPC Systems.NET product as it runs as a Windows Service, offers dynamic addressing, and has built in diagnostics for device and OPC communications. Kepware offers connectivity to common PLCs.including Allen Bradley, Siemens, Koyo, GE, Modicon, Omron, etc.

 OPC Server

The KepServerEx product offers connection to over 100 different devices to provide reliable and efficient communications to OPC Systems.NET. This OPC Server runs as a Windows Service which provides unattended execution on Windows Server 2003 and 2008 systems with no user login required. With built in diagnostics for both device and OPC communications you can easily troubleshoot your initial communication setup.

This server also supports dynamic address for common drivers like the Allen Bradley Suite to allow OPC Clients like OPC Systems.NET to determine what data to communicate from one central configuration. Review the list of drivers to find your specific equipment you wish to communicate with. Click here to download the KepServerEx OPC Server for a free trial.

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