OPC Systems.NET products can also meet your needs with Web ASP.NET development, WPF development, Client and Server development and much more.. See download page for more information, free software from Microsoft or visit the home of OPC Systems.NET. reSCADA gives the end user a Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon Menu experience to ensure a familiar look and feel, just like you have come to expect with the latest software.

reSCADA Control provides 3600+ Factory Type Symbols, all the OPC System.NET controls, Instrumentation Widgets, Windows Image List Control and Web Browser to make the best HMI and SCADA displays possible. reSCADA Trend, Alarm and Report have pre-configured windows developed for you so your project development life cycle begins with you developing the essentials of the project right away and not creating a user interface and menu navigation system each time from scratch. All OPC System.NET configuration files and reSCADA files are able to be saved, exported, imported, where required block edited by Excel, all royalty free. Project environment can be saved to local disk or on server.

reSCADA is sold as single licence $795.00 AUD and can be used as HMI on Machine, SCADA Station on Production Floor, Engineers PC for development and Control Room Mimic Displays, the choice is yours. Get started today with no risk, all software runs 30 day evaluation without limitation, Kepware runs 2hr demo with each restart, download Kepware and choose your PLC Driver, download OPC Systems.NET and reSCADA and you will be up and running in less than 4 hours, if not, we are here to help, Contact Us with your questions.

Contact Us for quotation or take up the special offer which includes 1 x Kepware OPC Server, OPC Systems.NET 5 Features with 100 tags and 1 x reSCADA Developer, 1 x reSCADA Viewer for $1,995 AUD (Value of $2,780 AUD)



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